Definition of 'Tajine'

What is Tajine?

Tajine is both a iconic dish and a traditional pottery originating from the Maghreb region in North Africa, particularly popular in Morocco. Its distinctive cone-shaped form allows for slow and gentle cooking of ingredients, preserving their flavors and textures. This dish often includes meat such as chicken, lamb, or beef, along with vegetables and sometimes dried fruits like apricots or prunes, seasoned with local spices such as saffron, cumin, and ginger.

More than just a recipe, tajine embodies a true culinary art passed down through generations. Its preparation and enjoyment are surrounded by warmth and sociability, reflecting the cultural and gastronomic richness of the North African region.

Example of Tajine Use in a Sentence

« Tonight, we're enjoying a delicious almond chicken tajine, prepared according to a family recipe passed down for generations. »

Word Origin

The term "tajine" originates from the Arabic طاجين (ṭājin), which refers to both the clay pot and the dish cooked within it. Used for centuries in North African cuisine, tajine represents an ancestral culinary art, symbolizing conviviality and sharing throughout the region.

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