Definition of 'Ksar'

What is Ksar?

A ksar is a typical architectural ensemble found in the desert regions of the Maghreb, such as Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. It symbolizes traditional architecture and communal life in these arid zones. Made up of earthen houses often clustered around an inner courtyard, the ksar provides protection against intense sun and sandstorms.

Example of Ksar Use in a Sentence

« We visited a well-preserved ksar in the heart of the desert, where we discovered the ingenuity of Berber architecture. »

Word Origin

The term "ksar" comes from the Arabic قصر (qasr), meaning "palace" or "fortress". These fortified settlements were once vital meeting points for trade and social life in isolated desert regions. Today, ksour (plural of ksar) are valuable witnesses to the history and culture of nomadic and Berber populations.

Photos of Ksar

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